Tobacco Products

Mobilizer OU is the general distributor for tobacco products of Marble and Safari Star cigarettes and shisha.

We are responsible for business development in Central European countries, Turkey, Russia and the former Soviet countries such as Ukraine, Belorus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Turkmenistan.

Our portfolio of tobacco products is led by Marble - a cigarette brand manufactured for the last 30 years under the license of Philip Morris - the company which is the synonym of a high standard in the tobacco business. Sold in many countries all over the world, became very popular and well-recognized for its quality and value for money ratio.

Available in 2 flavors: red and white. 3 size variants: regular, slim and nano.


Safari Star was introduced as a portfolio extension to the Marble brand. Addressed to a different consumer segment, it has achieved success thanks to its pack format and design. Its reputation continues to ensure recognition in key markets.


Shisha Tobacco

Shisha - a water pipe in which a mixture of tobacco and flavorings is smoked, originates from Arabic countries as an element of social life. It was adopted by the rest of the world and became very popular as an element of hanging out.

In our product range, we have the highest quality of Arabic shisha tobacco in 34 flavors.